Name: derek IP:162.158.69.*

awesome and friendly service

January 05,2017
Name: Jordan IP:172.68.78.*

These guys are quick and actually have awesome customer service. Luna, one of the representatives has got your back.

December 26,2016
Name: Iggy IP:172.68.11.*

Ordered 700 mil + bonus adena 5mins ago, Lineage II in support chat and have got the adena.

December 11,2016
Name: john IP:172.68.39.*

i ordered 300mil for a game.. checked out other sites. was told it would be 3 days on my server. got it from MMOCPU in less than 30min. you guys are awesome. THX!

November 25,2016
Name: FredderickSmash IP:108.162.212.*

nice service it if pay :D

July 10,2016
Name: Sylenth IP:162.158.167.*

Awesome service. All transactions proceeded as expected.Lineage2 Adena

June 03,2016
Name: Dylan IP:162.158.166.*

Good server,Cabal Alz Only 5 minutes to get all

May 31,2016
Name: German IP:108.162.238.*

Nice service, so fast i love this web

May 26,2016
Name: Dainius IP:141.101.99.*

an excellent operator, instant reply and one of the best customer supporters i have encountered. 5 Stars

May 25,2016
Name: Happy Costumer IP:108.162.219.*

Good server

May 16,2016

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  • Awesome service will definately be doing service with them for ye...

    by Hellfirefromabove
  • thanks i got my gold now :D its a little bit late but im happy no...

    by popobye
  • Great safety , support & service just perfect !

    by Brandon
  • Please give Carol raise she has been so awesome!

    by Damian
  • very quick and effiecient'

    by Axman
  • very good and kind and extremly heplfull :)

    by Jonniboyo

    by Drizzel

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