Path of Exile Map Guide: Composite Maps Below level 70 + Drop Limits of Unique Items in Senior Maps + Soloing Bosses

In fact, I do not suggest that you should composite the maps above 70. Therefore, I will not list the information below.
The general idea: the level of drops: blue monsters (map level +1), golden monsters (map level +2)
For example: the boss and golden monsters in the map of level 68 can drop unique items and POE items below level 70.

LVL 66 maps
Crypt: Skeleton King - Cemetery
Dungeon: Butcher – beginners will be attacked easily by heavy strike - arsenal
Dired Lake: island with toxic smog - bushes
Dunes: sword king for beginner –You have chance to get away from the toxic smoke- berth
Grotto: Siren with Rain of Fire - Mountain Reef
Tropical Island: Gorilla – the best place to leveling for beginners - Arcade
Orchard: burrowing insects – I do not recommend this map for beginners, because it is easy to die here!
Overgrown Ruin: Lightning strike of four-legged beast – losing HP fast- Sewer
Legend-Cward's Trial: a resurrection king will revive the mobs killed.

Level 67 maps
Arcade: Two Flags (electric fire, two heavy days) - Slum
Arsenal: Lava Giant - Spa
Cemetery: Electric Flower Skull Master - sandbar
Mountain Ledge: Skeleton King with frost hammer - Museum
Sewer: Pirate King with shield and sword- Mud Fountain
Ticket: Reign of Assassins skeleton archers - Spiders Lair
Wharf: serpent - be careful with the chaos damage- Walter Pyramid
Legend-Maelström of Chaos (Mountain Ledge): Ice Siren - will transform

LVL 68 maps
Ghetto: Trap King - graves
Mud Geyser: the collision island - shore
Museum: variation three Kings in god of the scepter – monsters with Chaos EK is a big damger. Besides the drop rate is quite high after killing Three Kings - Spider Forest
Reef: mud siren – no feature except for retardance - Promenade
Spider Lair: poisonous Spider King - Do not stack too many layers of chaotic damage - Spider Forest
Springs: Witch King of Thieves - abandoned temple
Vaal Pyramid:two-handed hammer + increasing damage aura King - Tunnel
Legend: Vaults of Atziri (treasure box): no monster, high box drop rating
Mirrored items can be gotten from the treasure box. (not be limited to the map but it may break the bank before you get mirrored items.

LVL 69 Map:
Catacomb: Resurrection monsters –docks (?)
Overgrown Shrine: Spider King with flicker strike - swamp
Promenade: hacking male + female with lighting damage - Villa
Shore (shore): medicine cabinet - king - a little icy - small bay
Spider Forest: - zombie releasing poisonous smog little pain - Cemetery
Tunnel: Siren - underground sea
Legend: Acton's Nightmare: unlimited resurrection, kill the two kings together.
71 The above map Drop: Empire Bow (Lioneye's Glare) + Empire dagger (Divinarius) + playing treasure Ring (Andvarius)

LVL 71 maps
Arachnid Nest (spider hole): Archer king
Colonnade: Butcher
Dry Woods: Accelerating monkey + Retarded monkey –weaker than low level maps
Temple: Piety (not turned) - Sometimes I think she is stronger than the one in lebl 77 maps
Strand (beach): Sword and Shield King - in fact, sometimes I wonder if he is a king
Legend: Poorjoy's Asylum (Asylum - Temple): Kali the Crazed and mobs are all strong. You may lose 2000-3000 HP free and easy.

LVL 72 maps
72 The above map Drop: belt with blue charges and mana leeching (Auxium)
Jungle Valley: spider with Chaos EK –a number of spiders in the king's room.
Labyrinth: EK lizard eating corpses - irritated - Dark Forest (simply too lazy to play this)
Mine (tunnel): Lightning strike of four-legged beast –no feature except for lighting strike and critical strike.
Torture Chamber: Laser +Light+ Totem Siren - please use the pillars
Waste Pool (cesspool): Frost Nova Siren decrease you attacking and movement speed.

LVL 73 maps
Drops from lvl 73 maps: Ming's Heart + Lioneye's Remorse
Dry Penisula: Invincible tall and bulky fellow –nothing special except for his big size.
Canyon: Archer King
Cells: Fire Dogs – high fire resistance is quite necessary.
Dark Forest: Rogue Warrior King OAK


LVL 74 maps
Drops from 74 maps: Devoto's Devotion + Rathpith Globe
Gorge: thieves King with flicker strike- farming easily
Maze: Pyramid King - average person cannot bear the heavy blow from Pyramid king.
Residence: the king in god of scepter - we all know that it is a troublesome moster but we often ignore the creeper in his side. In fact, the creeper is really quite cruel.
Underground River: Great Pyrenees
Legend: Olmec's SanctumOlmec's Sanctum (Maze): various series of Totem Kings: take care of the poison and electricity.

LVL 75 maps
Drops from lvl 75 maps: Mon'tregul's Grasp
Bazzar: Three Kings of flag – Drops are equal to the number of killing one king
Necropolis (ancient cemetery): transfigured to Siren
Plateau: Poison Island

LVL 76 maps
Drops from lvl 76 maps: Thunderfist
Crematorium: firestorm King –be careful of the ground after the firestorm


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